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The Mystery of Predestination- According to Scripture, the Church, and St. Thomas Aquinas

The Mystery of Predestination- According to Scripture, the Church, and St. Thomas Aquinas

Product Information

The Mystery of Predestination- According to Scripture, the Church, and St. Thomas Aquinas
By: John Salza
(paperback, TAN, 337 pages)

The Mystery of Predestination- According to Scripture, the Church, and St. Thomas Aquinas. How can an all loving God predestine some to eternal salvation while permitting others to fall away? Doesn't God offer the same amount of saving grace to everyone? Isn't predestination a Protestant doctrine? In The Mystery of Predestination, apologist and best selling author John Salza (Why Catholic Cannot Be Masons) draws on Scripture, Tradition, and St. Thomas Aquinas' writings to uncover the fact that a proper Catholic understanding of predestination is interconnected with two other central mysteries: mankind's ability to choose freely to accept or reject God's saving Grace, and mankind's inability to accept that grace without first being moved by God from within. God is the primary mover in salvation - it is He who chooses, seeks, and saves us. God may predestine His "elect" to heaven but never wills that anyone go to hell. The Mystery of Predestination contains meticulously researched and clearly written answers for the serious Catholic who is confused by the Bible verses or Magisterial statements in favor of predestination, or who wants to defend Catholic truth agains Calvinist error.


"The Mystery of Predestination is a welcome and important addition to the body of Catholic theological literature exploring the question of why some people go to heaven and others go to hell. With attention to the complexities and subtleties entailed in this Catholic doctrine, John Salza's ad fontes approach provides rich fare for theological reflection.

"Saint Paul declared that "God wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth" (1 Timothy 2:4). John Calvin badly misunderstood this passage and became famous for the deeply flawed theology of Calvinism he built upon the sand of that misunderstanding. In this book, John Salza helps correct John Calvin's mistake."

Patrick Madrid
Director of the Envoy Institute of Belmont Abbey College, author of Search and Rescue

"As paragraph 600 of the 1992 Catholic Catechism teaches, the Catholic Church, in opposition to the extreme views of Lucidus, Gottschalk, Wycliffe, Luther, Calvin, Arminius, Wesley and Whitehead, has always taught that God’s predestination plan works in compete concert with man’s free will, neither one canceling out or overwhelming the other, although the Church has also accepted different ways of arriving at or explaining that balance (Augustinian, Thomistic, Molinist, et al). John Salza’s book, The Mystery of Predestination, is by far the best book in modern times, bar none, that explains the Thomistic path at arriving at this dogmatic truth of Scripture and Tradition."

Dr. Robert Sungenis, Ph.D.
Catholic Apologetics International

"Anyone who has ever wanted a concise summary of the Catholic doctrine of predestination, but finds St. Thomas Aquinas and Garrigou-LaGrange a bit too intimidating, owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Salza. In a tour-de-force of clarity and concision, he analyzes the biblical data, outlines the issues, and sorts out the major controversies between Thomists and Molinists, Calvinists and Arminians. Remarkably, he draws not only on traditional Catholic and Protestant sources, but engages contemporary writers from both sides (such as Fr. Most and Norman Geisler), yielding a significant resource for the Catholic ecumenist and apologist."

Dr. Philip Blosser, Ph.D.
Sacred Heart Major Seminary
Detroit, Michigan

"Drawing upon texts of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Council of Trent, Catholic apologist John Salza examines the mystery of predestination, one of the most difficult of all theological subjects. Even Catholics who might favor the views of the Jesuits (e.g. Molina, Bellarmine and Suarez) will find much of interest in this challenging book, especially Salza's devastating critique of traditional Calvinism."

Dr. Robert L. Fastiggi, Ph.D.
Professor of Systematic Theology
Sacred Heart Major Seminary
Detroit, Michigan

"This is a fascinating, scholarly yet accessible book which treats a subject that is virtually neglected by Catholics even though it is part of our faith. It not only gives a philosophical analysis of predestination but also engages Scripture, Tradition, and the recent Magisterium on this topic. The primary exposition is of the views of St. Thomas Aquinas on this topic, but it also includes accurate descriptions of opposing views both from within and without the Catholic Church. This is an essential book for the Catholic Apologist who will need to confront the issue of predestination in dialogues with Protestants. I especially found the listing of a Thomistic TULIP in distinction for the Calvinistic TULIP to be very helpful. I cannot recommend this book more highly to the anyone who wants to understand what the Catholic Church teaches about predestination and how St. Thomas Aquinas understood and explained it."

Dr. Art Sippo, M.D.
Catholic Apologist

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