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The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith

The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith

Product Information

The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith 
By John Salza
(paperback, OSV, 256 pages)

There's a misconception that the Catholic Church "made up" a lot of its teachings. That much of what Catholics believe has no foundation in Scripture.

How do you debunk that myth if you're a devout Catholic but your knowledge of Scripture is spotty? How do you get to the truth if you're a fervent non-Catholic but your understanding of Catholic Church teaching is shaky? (How do you do that if it's downright inaccurate?)

The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith is written for both audiences. In a non-confrontational manner, author John Salza quotes only from the Bible to explain the basic doctrine of the Catholic Church. Chapter after chapter focuses on doctrinal "hot spots" including sola Scriptura, Tradition, papal infallibility, the seven sacraments, Mary and the saints, justification, salvation, and purgatory.

Here is a book that not only proves that the Catholic Faith is Biblical, but also that Catholicism is Bible Christianity par excellence. Here is a book that makes a thoughtful and welcome gift for a family member or friend who has questions about the Catholic Church.

Price: $13.95

Product Code: Book - BBCF
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