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Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons

Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons

Product Information

Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons
By John Salza
(paperback, TAN Publishers, 85 pages)

Many good Catholic men have been deceived into becoming Masons. In this powerful little book, a Catholic attorney and former 32nd degree Mason clearly shows why joining Masonry (including the Shriners) means embracing a false religion.

Having authored Masonry Unmasked for general readership, here John Salza writes specifically for Catholics, showing why the Church has always condemned Freemasonry and continues to do so today.

John Salza explains Masonic doctrines, rituals, oaths and curses, showing that Masonry is totally incompatible with Christianity and that a Catholic who joins it has rejected Christ and is headed for eternal damnation.

Packed with facts and very well documented (over 150 endnotes), Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons is a brief but potent revelation by a man who has been there – and then returned to the One True Faith.

Includes a list of all the papal condemnations of Freemasonry, a list of the Church’s declarations on “No Salvation Outside the Church” (Extra ecclesiam nulla salus est), the Church’s most recent statement on Freemasonry in 2007, a sample resignation letter for “Catholic” Masons, and a Glossary of Catholic and Masonic terminology.

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